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31/08/2017 8:26 pm  

Figured I would try to get the ball rolling on the PG.  A thread along these lines existed on the old Dyestat, but I don't think there was ever one on  Always enjoyed playing with the guys from the forum, so it would be cool if we could get that going here.  Post your system, username, and any games you play.  I'll start:

  • PS4
  • TeddyFarley
  • Pretty much any Call of Duty game (currently playing Modern Warfare Remastered the most)

Bentley University '13
Boston College '18
8:58 (3,000m) -- 15:07 (5,000m) -- 31:36 (10,000m)

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01/09/2017 6:32 am  

I'm on both PS4 and Xbox, username is Coopres458. Mostly always on Rainbow Six: Siege/Assetto Corsa and occasionally Black Ops 3  on the PS4. Xbox is pretty much Forza 6, Horizon 3 and Project Cars.


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