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24/08/2017 1:30 am  

The official thread for discussing the positives and negatives of all the training shoes on the market.

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I am currently rolling out 2 pairs of Brooks Launch 3 (red and black) and they are wonderful. A good mix of responsive and cushioned enough to hold up. I've got just over 500 miles on the older pair and they are holding up well everywhere except for the rubber on the heel. I supinate a ton on my left side and often wear the outside part of the shoe faster (some brands wear out there faster than others, I've noticed) but they have held up there pretty well.

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08/09/2017 6:35 am  

I'm currently in a pair of Hoka Tracer first generation, NB 1080 v6 and NB Boracay v3. Out of these 3, Hoka Tracers are by far my favorite, soft yet super light and a really smooth feeling 4mm drop and roomy toe box. Definitely would recommend these big time, only thing to watch for is they run a bit narrow. 1080s feel a bit clunky and not the smoothest transition, but really soft and comfortable, great for days after workouts when feeling a bit beat up, nice roomy toebox, but took a couple runs to figure out what lacing suited my foot best. Boracays have a bit of a constrictive upper, but not nearly as bad as the past editions. The foam feels like it has a bit less bounce to it than the zante, but is still nice to run on. Overall, an extremely vanilla shoe. Ive run in a ton of trainers and am always trying new ones so id love to be able to help out here as much as possible 

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I'm just starting my second pair of Pegasus 34's.  Have been wearing the Pegs since #29, having gone through about 5 pairs of each iteration.  #30 was my favorite, but 31 and now 34 are definitely close behind.  Before the Pegasus, I had trained in the adidas supernova glide for years, but with each successive model, I found that I liked them less and less.  

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finally got a chance to try out the zoom fly. wasn't sure how i'd like them, but they felt great. surprisingly responsive and the cushion, while firm, wasn't too firm. i probably won't wear them for recovery runs, but for normal runs they're definitely a good option.

however, i'm not sure if it's my imagination or what, but i had some major hamstring tightness this past spring when i was running many of my marathon workouts in some vaporfly 4% wear testers. it got bad enough to the point where i tweaked a hammy during a road 10k and had to drop out. as soon as i stopped wearing them, it improved significantly and i've had very few issues since. but i wore the fly's on monday for the first time and almost immediately felt a little tightness in the hamstring. two days later and i'm having similar hammy tightness to what i felt last spring. not too bad, but i definitely notice it and i hadn't felt it in quite some time while i wasn't wearing the vaporfly or fly. wondering if i'm just not meant to run in that platform... :-/

anyone else have any issues like this?


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