RIP David Torrence  


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29/08/2017 1:42 am

Really sad. No word on the cause yet as far as I can tell.

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29/08/2017 6:07 am  

This is awful, such a talented athlete taken at such a young age... All my thoughts and prayers go towards his family and friends. 

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29/08/2017 4:06 pm  

A neat fact about David Torrence, because its never called out in anything about him; I believe he said on Reddit in an AMA somewhere, in 2012 he was the only US runner to have met the Olympic standard in the 800m, 1500m, and 5000m. Incredible range. Never got a chance to meet him, but from what I can tell he was an amazing person, a hard worker, and fierce competitor. Such a tragedy, the sport is worse off without him. 

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29/08/2017 6:47 pm  

What a horrible thing to see a young person depart the Earth seemingly far too early. Most of us (myself included) take for granted our talents, our family, and the other special people in our lives. Perhaps we might all be reminded to make that call or send that text to those specific persons to let them know that we have thoughts of them.


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